Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

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Manufacturer # 84PLCE/TPK/2L1
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments, Inc

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator
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Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator - Clock, Date/Time Display, Impact Resistant Cover, Slide-on Hard Case - Battery Powered

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Graphing Calculator
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Graphing Calculator - 84PLCE/TPK/2L1

Familiar TI-84 Plus functionality in a sleek new design that features a crisp color screen

Technical Information

  • Operations/Functionality:
    • Built-In Mathprint™ Functionality Allows You To Input And View Math Symbols, Formulas And Stacked Fractions Exactly As They Appear In Textbooks.
    • Add Images To Graph Background
    • Catalog Syntax Help
    • Alphabetical Catalog Of All Ti Calculator Operations In One Menu
    • Advanced Functions Accessed Through Pull-Down Display Menus
    • Real And Complex Numbers
    • Graphs 10 Rectangular
    • 6 Parametric Expressions
    • 6 Polar Expressions
    • 3 Recursively-Defined Sequences
    • Sequence Graphing Mode Shows Time Series Plot, Cobweb/Stair-Step Plot And Phase Plots
    • User-Defined List Names. Lists Store Up To 999 Elements
    • 17 Interactive Zoom Features
    • Numeric Evaluations Given In Table Format For All Graphing Modes
    • Interactive Analysis Of Function Values, Roots, Maximums, Minimums, Integrals And Derivatives
    • 8 Different Graph Styles For Differentiating The Look Of Each Graph Drawn
    • Horizontal And Vertical Split- Screen Options
    • View Graph And Table Side-By-Side
    • Stores Up To 10 Matrices
    • Matrix Operations Including Inverse, Determinant, Transpose, Augment, Reduced Row Echelon Form And Elementary Row Operations. Convert Matrices To Lists And Vice-Versa
    • List-Based One- And Two-Variable Statistical Analysis, Including Logistic, Sinusoidal, Median-Median, Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power, Quadratic Polynomial, Cubic Polynomial, And Quartic Polynomial Regression Models
    • 3 Statistical Plot Definitions For Scatter Plots, Xy-Line Plots, Histograms, Regular And Modified Box-And-Whisker Plots, And Normal Probability Plots
    • Advanced Statistics Features Including 10 Hypothesis Testing Functions, 7 Confidence Interval Functions And One-Way Analysis Of Variance
    • 15 Probability Distribution Functions Including Normal, Student-T, Chi-Square, Binomial, And Poisson
    • Business Functions Including Time-Value-Of-Money (TVM), Cash Flows, And Amortization. Full Screen Interactive Editor For Solving Tvm Problems
    • Interactive Equation Solver Editor Allows Solving Numerically For Different Variables In An Equation
    • 11 Regression Calculations

Battery Information

  • Power Source: Battery


  • Package Contents:
    • 10 x TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator
    • 5 x USB Computer Cable
    • 5 x Unit-to-units Cable
    • 1 x Getting Started Guide
    • 1 x Classroom Poster
    • TI-84 Plus CE Charging Station
    • TI Rechargeable Battery


  • Limited Warranty: 1 Year

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